Harrow is a ceramic sculptor who explores issues of production and mechanization. His multidisciplinary art practice spans sculpture and design, elegantly integrating work made by the hand with digital modeling software and computer-controlled machines. Ceramics authority and critic Glen R. Brown, in Ceramics Art and Perception, said Harrow’s large-scale mixed media art and installations invite “a profound consideration of what it means to be a contemporary sculptor in clay.”

In consideration of the exhibition Harrow writes;

Our 4 year old son, William, is at the age of endless questions.  One night, not long ago, after bath and books, when we were both on the cusp of sleep, he asked:  

    “Baba, is your head round? 

    “Yes, pretty round” 

    “Is my head round” 

    “Yes, pretty round” 

    “Baba, a head is just a ball with eyes” 

Through this group of ceramic sculptures I’m also working towards asking questions like these, and trying to ask them in this same way.  How can an object contain a thought . . . and then a mind? Questions that are formal and direct, and that attempt to apprehend the ineffable, by collecting and arranging a few elemental shapes.  

Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads - 19 W 19th Street

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