In our struggles we often taste or see goodness that is beyond our ability to take in. Sometimes we taste beauty, truth, or love in a way that is more than our hearts can take in. We are blinded. This exhibition explores various sides of struggle - challenge, tragedy, and joy. While we would never wish struggle on anyone, it is precisely these moments and situations that give us capacity to taste and see joy and hope in a new way.

The material choice for these pieces aims to evoke this tension. Glitter on top of glitter on top of glitter aims to cover up and transform difficulty. Yet the fine line of baroque inspired work pushes the boundary, nearing an over-the-top-ness. Hopefully like a beautiful blinding light… it hurts to look at, yet you can’t look away. The symbols included reflect my physical journey - scars that shine, ambulance views, shiny-healthy new cells, and trees that are broken and beautiful, like my bronchial tree.

The fusion of all this is my journey in increasing capacity for both sadness and for joy. As I press in to my own pain, and that of others as well, I learn increasingly how to soak in joy. I am blinded by grace.

Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads

Opening Reception: Friday August 24th, 4-7PM

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