Haw Contemporary is pleased to announce an expansive group exhibition celebrating our first ten years. Entitled "Decade", the show will feature new and classic work from over 40 gallery artists, stretching through all six exhibition spaces in the building.

The exhibition opens this Friday, July 14, and will run through Saturday, August 26. We look forward to celebrating with you at an opening reception with many of the artists, running from 5-8pm.

Featured artists will include: Ahram Park, Alayne Spafford, Andy Brayman, Anne Lindberg, Anthony Baab, Archie Scott Gobber, Armin Mühsam, Bill Jacobson, Brock DeBoer, Caleb Taylor, Claudia Casarino, Darcy Badiali, Davin Watne, Deanna Dikeman, Debra Smith, Del Harrow, Eric Sall, Hendrik Kerstens, Hong Chun Zhang, James Woodfill, Jenny Sharaf, Julie Blackmon, Justin Gainan, Keith F, Davis, Ken Ferguson, Ken Wood, Kika Karadi, Lisa Grossman, Marcie Miller Gross, Matthew Kluber, Michael Krueger, Mike Sinclair, Miki Baird, Nate Fors, Robert Bingaman, Ryan Fenchel, Samara Umbral, Shane Lutzk, Stuart Allen, Terry Evans, Thomas Jackson, Warren Rosser, Wilbur Niewald, Yoonmi Nam.

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