Echoes is an exhibition that explores both the possible and impossible connections found in the works of artists from two sites, Kansas City and Berlin. 

The exhibited works have formal or procedural similarities, which in an exhibition establishes a fragile symmetry. These unstable adjacencies provoke the urge to generate connections, but each artist, in their specific context, draws a series of references that, while globally legible, maintain resonance with their local and regional origins. Echoes, as an exhibition, seek to suspend a tension arising from difference, and indulge these urges of connectivity.

This exhibition was born from a simple urge between Mirjam Cassandra Wendt and Jonah Criswell to bridge the distance between Kansas City and Berlin and to displace the unique stances each artist takes in their studio practice by building formal pairings and relationships. As viewers, we create a conversation between them that acknowledges the difficulty of building connections across context and geopolitics. Yet, there still remains in this gesture a possibility for exchange, discourse and meaning that works to traverse difference. 

Participating artists: Kansas City: Corey Antis, Kelly John Clark, Jonah Criswell, Scott Dickson, Nicole Mauser, Ahram Park Jim Woodfill

Berlin: Jake Blascka, Claudio Pogo, Alexander Klenze, DAG, Eckart Pscheidel-Jeschke, Maximillian Marcoll, Stephane Leonard


 Location: Haw Contemporary Stockyards

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