Bringing together their individual affinities for constructed space, Warren Rosser, Caleb Taylor, and Armin Mühsam present EDGE I CUT I PLAY, an exhibition investigating the structural potential of color, pattern, and the multiple connections existing between their practices.  Each artist’s work is an extended dialogue with content paralleled in contemporary architecture – modularity, mass and void, physicality and site-response – underlining the idea that all manners of artmaking are acts of construction.  Individually and collectively, their practices use collage as a propulsive force driving their preoccupation with the built or imagined form.  This shared way of working reaches into the momentum of materiality, its collection, manipulation, and playful search for new ways of speaking. 

How material is used differs for each artist as they choose to acknowledge collage in direct and secondary ways.  Rosser’s use of multicolored fabrics and pasted pocket squares directly build fields of color and pattern that serve as new and flexible ways of finding images.  Taylor and Mühsam use cut paper to visualize fractured spaces, returning final choices to the painted surface.  In all of this, Rosser, Taylor, and Mühsam insist on the primacy of seeing and experiencing one’s surroundings, reinforcing the idea that a painting is first and foremost about the intuitive push and shove of its making.  Their creative intersections are an exploration of how an ensemble of their work can reflect and add to the discourse of constructed environments. 

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