This body of work reflects directly on the rural midwestern environment Amy Kligman grew up in. In exploring her past she often engages with thoughts on issues of class, feminism, mental health, loss, and isolation. The personal and cultural weight of everyday objects and an identity rooted in the colliding of worlds is also apparent. Many of the objects or environments in Kligman's work are recycled from memories, while others reference habits, milestones, or life stages.

In approach to making, Kligman's work is reflective of a mix of influences: her mother’s folk ceramics, cake decorating, and floral arrangements; her grandmother’s crazy quilts; over a decade working in the greeting card industry; and an obsession with contemporary art of all kinds. Amy Kligman is a painter, but is now experimenting with how installation can be merged with her flat work to create new effects.

 Location: Haw Contemporary Stockyards

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