The work in this show comes from my political bubble, a place filled with a gnawing anxiety that often feels as if it’s imploding. The daily bludgeoning of what once was considered normal is too much. How is it that we may so strongly disagree with those who raised us and not mention it? How is it on one side all is fine and on the other it’s a dire situation? How is it that I get along so well with people at the Red X, but if we talked politics that would end? Are our bubbles rubbing up against each other never to find common ground? Is the only thing we share in common that we’re breathing? These are some of the questions I ask myself as our country heads towards Election Day and maybe down the toilet. Not an old toilet, but a new high-efficiency one that may need flushing 5 or 6 times. Who gets their just desserts and who deserves them?

Archie Scott Gobber, March 2020

Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads - 19 W 19th Street

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