Our world is made with cocky prescriptions of stability scaffolding the earth’s aggregates. It is a losing battle that convinces us per generation that we can control the elements and survive according to our dreams. Through systematic approaches to compositions, these works and much of my practice employ a balance of intense determination and arbitrary results. The evolution of works within this exhibition has been a dialogue and practice of containment. By questioning the intentional gestures (ink) we make and the subsequent non actions (white space) not only within a composition, but beyond the periphery of the substrate. What are the effects of our actions once we take into account our non actions? When does our intention become quiet because the gap between intentions is too loud? The equilibrium within the spectrum of action and non action is the intangible medium throughout this work.

Justin Gainan 2019

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Justin Gainan attended the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated in 2004 with his BFA then attended Goldsmiths, University of London, to receive his MFA in 2009. Selected solo exhibitions include You don’t want to believe. Dolphin 2007, Kansas City, MO and Please Find me half, K Space, Corpus Christi, TX. Selected group exhibitions include Form Content London, UK, Correspondenzen at Baeckerstrasse4 Vienna, Austria, Misery Connoiseur Live issue no.1 at Van Horbourgh Zurich, Switzerland, The David Roberts Art Foundation London, UK, Cosmophobia at L’Atelier Kunstspielraum Berlin, Germany and It’s in there somewhere at Tenderpixel London, UK. Recent group exhibition Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony! At APT gallery, London England 2019.

Location: Haw Contemporary Stockyards

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