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"We are currently processing information within a time of cynicism and in order to deal with our very pessimistic consciousness, we are actively initiating an element of levity, so that we may continue to bear the persistent weight of life." - Pigpen

This work is a multifaceted reappropriation of cultural aesthetic. It exists conceptually within both abstract painting and an interest in societal subcultures, specifically the post psychedelic cultural aesthetics of the 1990's. This environment is in response to the current (2010's) cultural reintroduction of the aesthetic practices utilized within those years (1990's).

Consisting of both painting and sculptural works, the sculptures are placed as visual gestures while holistically considering the layout of the space. These objects also introduce cultural artifacts as visual aesthetic footnotes showing process and visual origin of the formal decisions made while creating the two dimensional work. Conceptually these arrangements offer an acknowledged understanding in the contemporary treatment of exhibition space on the historic timeline of painting and the historical progression of sculptural aesthetics.

Additionally, this work has to be considered through an internet filter. The post psychedelic subcultures of the 1990's were born pre-mass internet use. During this time, trends were developed almost strictly IRL and psychedelia was fully processed through the capitalistic system. This subcultural development offered a relatively safe avenue for a watered down counterculture to evolve through a prolific appropriation of the counterculture movements of the 1960's.

With the addition of the internet providing access to global cultural tends, vast amounts of information pertaining to these subcultures were introduced into our aesthetic developments. In an attempt to process the current aesthetic re-interest in the 1990's, I am utilizing the internet as both a research tool to investigate my past aesthetic experiences as visual material and an artistic medium in order to be part of the current conversation.

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