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Debra Smith has the aesthetic sensibilities of a painter, but rather than applying pigment to a fabric support, Smith creates her compositions from a palette of already-dyed textiles. These she cuts by hand into geometric shapes, manipulating a limited range of colors and patterns within the grid of an intuitive, planar abstraction. Her practice involves the stitching together and overlapping of found silk fabric, primarily from vintage Japanese kimonos. Smith incorporates both dense and sheer cloth, which creates an interplay of translucent and opaque areas that add air, movement, and dimensionality to the work. The historic nature of the fabric adds another layer of meaning for viewers, suggesting an intangible narrative that disrupts the otherwise formal quality of the compositions with ghostly and poetic connections to the past. The work in this exhibition - Recent Work - is a curated selection of Smith's recent show at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.

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