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I long for a kind of healing that stretches my imagination. One that generates life out of seeming lifelessness. I desire hope when there doesn’t seem to be a reason to hope. Discovery, possibility, and faith involve a risk to jump beyond what is currently imaginable. I long to move past what I see and know, into what is real.

Borrowing visual forms from Las Vegas marquee signs, Times Square billboards and stained glass windows, I aim to invoke a longing for hope in spite of a dire situation. Layers of glitter invoke a contemporary Baroque to transform my temporal situation. The gaze into the stained glass window looks to eternity from a finite perspective. I hope to use lowly things like 99 cent store glitter in a way that honors the decadence and transcendence it references. Here it is combined with materials that enhance durability and longevity.

Glitter covers blood, phlegm and tears. Not to ignore or suppress them but to transform them. Anatomical and biological forms are altered to reflect the growth and healing imagined and hoped for. My bronchial tree is inverted, in an attempt to discover a tree of life. I join with other bronchial trees in a forest exploring the possibilities of regeneration. Something being created out of what would seem to be nothing.

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