The works are self-reflections, a sort of wishful nostalgia or fantasy of a memory that carries the weight of melancholy within its realism. There is an expectation one has when they see an exhibition of paintings in a gallery. Sights of grandeur and a literal stepping back to see the whole picture within a vast gallery space are common occurrences amongst spectators. Vast gallery space is more of an ironical decision in the case of the series She-Bop; the paintings require solitary intimacy and cannot be seen as a single exhibition experience one can absorb and discuss from a distance. It is through this intimate experience that I want the viewer to study the image as if it were an old, tangible photograph or simply as the labored painting that I have spent so much time creating. So, I hope you, the viewer, will put your cell phone and its fleeting, untouchable imagery down, and spend time with an archival, unchanging art-object.

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