Opening Reception: Friday, March 8, 6-9PM
Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads

A mashup of traditional craft, industrial processes, and contemporary art and architecture strategies, Brayman’s distinctive work, whether sculptural or purely decorative, demonstrates the potential of an object to be simultaneously beautiful and cerebral. Show Room features a range of smaller functional work, along with clues that point to larger architectural applications - a direction in which Brayman has been moving recently through collaborations with architecture firms, designers, and producers of building materials.

In addition to works, Show Room is set up to provide the viewer a glimpse into Brayman’s process and studio, which is filled with a combination of cutting edge machinery and traditional tools (many of which he has designed and made himself) that allow him to freely explore the intersection of tech and craft. 

Andy Brayman holds a BA in sociology and a BFA in ceramics from the University of Kansas (1996) and an MFA in ceramics from Alfred University (1998). His work is a combination of traditional craft, industrial processes, physical computing and contemporary art strategies. At their best, his pots demonstrate an object’s potential to be both beautiful and cerebral. In 2005, Andy founded The Matter Factory in Kansas City. It is part artist studio, part laboratory, and part factory. In addition to producing objects of his design, Brayman researches and builds computationally controlled machines for use in art making.



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