Haw Contemporary is pleased to host a second solo exhibition with San Francisco-based artist Jenny Sharaf. Sharaf's process is instinctual, spiritual and meditative. Her paintings, installations, murals, videos, and happenings celebrate process and the artist's intuition, while reflecting on art history, counterculture, feminism, formalism and the rhetoric of abstraction. Sharaf's large-scale paintings on tightly stretched fields of color are nuanced, uplifting, and transcendent.

In recent work, Sharaf explores the intersection of fashion and art as they relate to the fast-paced seasons, international calendars and global cultural trends. Predicting and following trends in the fashion world, creating color palettes that echo a seasonal approach, the surfaces serve as a backdrop to loud splashes of color. There is a tension between homogenization and expression, femininity and materiality, depth and superficiality.



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