A survey of our personal histories and the objects that fill them.

Brock DeBoer is captivated with porcelain’s poetic ability to control and limit objects. DeBoer puts those limitations to the test with the subjects that make up his sculptures. It is reflected in the scope of work produced for “sifting through the detritus”. We see the highly crafted pieces that represent a reflection of his surroundings, youth, and the idea of time being a location. Exploring the relationships we create between objects and how they become remnants, detritus, or have great value instilled into them acquired through personal histories and stories.

DeBoer uses his acute sense of craft to significantly embellish his porcelain reproductions. Some cases so much so that the viewer must sift through the ornamentation to discover the details of the objects. Yet in some pieces DeBoer has distressed and weathered the surfaces causing one to imagine that this porcelain object could wear out and age to the point of becoming devalued and tossed out. He has also created solid gold versions of these items playing off the idea of contrasting memories being good or bad. This body of work takes a convivial approach to nostalgia and our relationship with objects in our daily lives and DeBoer considers himself a cultural archivist of this specific window of time.

 Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads

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