Something clear

I think art, if it is meaningful at all, is a conversation with other artists.  You say something, they say something, you move back and forth.

John Baldessari  (1931 - 2020)

Haw Contemporary is pleased to bring together a distinct group of artists who define their art with a singular focus, creating visually compelling and unique works. Each concentrating their artistic energies, stretching their own personal visions to explore issues of beauty, excess and self. In context, as a collective, their conversations share thoughts and promote questions. Through the dialogue, it is the hope that some things become clear.

Featured Artists: Stuart Allen, Robert Bingaman, Brock DeBoer, Justin Gainan, Archie Scott Gobber, Anne Lindberg, Armin Muhsam, Ahram Park, Warren Rosser, Eric Sall, Caleb Taylor.

Location: Haw Contemporary Crossroads - 19 W 19th Street


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