My work considers the space where transience and permanence coexist. In my on-going drawings and prints, I have used images of man-made environments and objects, and cut flower arrangements as metaphors to evoke a sense of time that is both fleeting and eternal.

In the arranged flower imagery, the flowers, once cut from their roots, have only a short remaining time to live. They will quickly wither and die, but before they do, they are elegantly and elaborately arranged, as if time will stand still for them. The containers that hold them are disposable objects, such as a yogurt cup, a Styrofoam take out box, and an instant noodle bowl. These objects, although meant to be discarded immediately after use, often last longer than their intended lifespans.

I am interested in beauty, irony, impermanence, and the common and extraordinary way we structure our surroundings.

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