That Used to Be Us is a group show delving into the economy of our bodies, labeling theory, and the need for cultural reinvestment. Exhibiting artists refute society’s traditionally “true discourses” as they discuss personal identities. Globalization through information technology gives visibility to societies rapidly building their infrastructure, while previous world powers now lack the same production rates. Galleries face a similar challenge, to invigorate themselves with an accurate representation of contemporary art production. Artwork in an analog space must now be paired with strong online visibility and digital content. Accountability, connection, and collectivity are the tools we can use to regenerate our stagnant white cubes.

Curated by Carrie Riehl. Featuring: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Hanifa Alizada, Jillian Marie Browning, Micha Cárdenas, Jennifer Chan, Ting Ting Cheng, Gabrielle Drew, Marijke Groeneveld, Daniela Groza, Hannah Husberg, Asma Kazmi, Emily Kenyon, Carlotta Kohl, Federica Landi, Alexandra Marzella, Sanaz Mazinani, Jillian Mayer, Laura McLean, Jenny Odell, Misty Pollen, Bonnie Riehl, Sinjun Strom, Blanket Undercover, Sarah Wong.

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