Opening Reception: Friday, January 11th, 6-9PM
Location: Haw Contemporary Stockyards

The Domestication of Johnny Naugahyde

A friend once told me that he thought about my work every morning—because he kept one of my pieces in his sock drawer. This remark stuck with me, and I started to pay attention to where others placed my work. Often I found it in the most personal locations: propped on a nightstand, hanging above a bathroom sink, or nestled in a china cabinet. Modest placement, sure, but over time I began taking pride in the uncanny way my art found its way into the most intimate and everyday parts of people's lives.

The meaning of a work of art is changed after it leaves the studio or gallery, transformed by its placement. In this installation I present my work in ways that call to mind the intimate spaces in which it is often displayed.

As for the pieces themselves, several continue themes I've been exploring for years. The work of Egon Schiele, though not a direct influence on my craft, is something I often reflect upon. In doing so, I sometimes end up making tribute pieces to Schiele. My ongoing series Imagine a Drawing by Egon Schiele is one example. These pieces are infused with subtle ideas of artist self-censorship, art history, and visual memory. The  new Midas series can be interpreted on several levels. Here, I leave it up to the viewer to expand on the nuggets I've put forward.

Ultimately, my art is a visual journal. Each piece is a reflection of both my life and the world at the time of its making. And like any good journal, the meaning is not always obvious upon first reading. There are secrets to be discovered, but only if you look carefully, imaginatively, and with a playful spirit.


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