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Corey Antis’ studio practice investigates how images, objects and spaces can be proposals for the experience of perception and the uncanny. This exhibition depicts a framework where constructions and their representations maintain and subvert aspects of themselves. A Robert Smith lyric, The Head on the Door reflects how the perception of the everyday environment is measured between the solidity of material and its image.  

Antis’ work has been exhibited in national and international exhibitions at the Rebekah Templeton Gallery, Dolphin Gallery, Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University, Booster and Seven Gallery, Vox Populi Gallery, Three Walls, Heaven Gallery, Jenny Jaskey Gallery, the D.C. Arts Center, Greenstone Gallery, Hunter College, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Frieze Projects Art Fair, the Stray Show and SPACE Gallery. His work was recently included in a three-person show at Galerie Zurcher in New York and is currently being exhibited in Crosscurrents In Contemporary Abstraction at Taylor University.

His work has been published and reviewed in publications including Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawing, New Visual Language and Vox Populi: We’re Working On It, as well as The Huffington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Kansas City Star and Title Magazine, among others. He currently lives and works in Kansas City.

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