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If a stylist is presented with new collaborators and inspiration points, then they will be motivated by original means; this will produce new dialogues and formats.

If the function of the experimentation is focused on collaboration, then the task will take form intuitively; this final outcome will yield a wide range of fresh results.

If an artist is given a neutral space to create within, then the work will be free from variables or biases; this will result in genuine works and an uninterrupted vision from the artist.

THE WORKROOM provides a neutral space for several artists, stylists, designers and photographers to create new works through collaborative efforts over a period of one week. The final display will wed residual information from the collaborative endeavors within the neutral space alongside produced results. The WORKROOM will have public opening on Friday, June 26th 6:00-9:00pm through July 18th.

THE WORKROOM is facilitated by ARENA, a creative and curatorial project. Functioning as a collective, ARENA navigates between fabrication, curation, design and creative direction. This project converts our speculative and lifestyle interests into relational gestures to collaborate with artists, brands and spaces to materialize unrealized projects.

ARENA was co-founded by Brett Ginsburg, Maegan Stracy, Christian Velasquez and Thomas Pregiato. For more information please visit arenakc.com.

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