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In the exhibition What Remains, Chris Daharsh and Molly Kaderka present their latest works, which explore the relationship between material processes and historical objects. In these works, the artists pay particular attention to remnants, to what is left behind, either by humans or by natural forces, contemporary and ancient. Both are enthralled by historical and archeological artifacts, and are creating works that present objects in an enigmatic and empathetic way. And each has a unique way of exploring object-making, with Daharsh using a heavily layered sculptural process and Kaderka employing meticulous drawing against a color-field background to give objects visual power.

Daharsh uses commonplace materials—burlap, plaster, concrete—to make a sculpture that represents a kind of contemporary artifact. Kaderka’s objects, lovingly rendered through a highly detailed method of drawing, engage the viewer in a new appreciation of objects that might otherwise go unnoticed. Through different processes, Daharsh and Kaderka each use a variety of layering techniques, layering marks, textures and patinas to create a sense of time in these works and to communicate the significance of each artifact.

This contemplative exhibition will invite viewers to re-examine objects and their significance in the context of the time in which they were made and in the present.

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